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Set your expectations high

Your schedule is shaped and updated on a daily basis, with Auguste arranging all necessary bookings, transportations, trips, etc. 

On yacht itinerary, our representative will be in direct communication with the Captain and/or Purser, planning ahead every next stop and keeping your destination choices open. Our representative can also act as a problem solver on short term changes. 

Auguste is

Coming from a yachtsmen family, water is my natural habitat, while my studies in the American College have proven my most useful tool in the water and out of it.

Being occupied in different positions within the yachting society for 15 years, I’ve found myself amongst many special people, maintaining my base of operations on a perfect balance of my two favorite things in life: Sea and family. 

The contradiction between luxury and simplicity is my motive before every great adventure, as Greek history acts as an axis around my persuasion of self-knowledge. The same self-knowledge that bears the trust that so many of our clients have shown in choosing us.  

Kelly Kochilas

"What makes me happy is that anyone who calls Auguste feels like calling his or her office at home."


We'd love to hear from you

+30 694453 2231

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